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Re: Water Change in Tall Apartment Building

mike heerman said, in part:

> My question is how do people in tall apartments manage
> their water changes. . .

> . . . I don't know if there is a way to get the dirty 
> water
> down a toilet because you would be flushing constantly.
> I have a 75 and 37 gallon tanks.

If you empty into a toilet, you won't have to flush.  When
the water rises to a certain point it flushes out but he
tank on top of the toilet doesn't empty unless you pull the
flush handle -- which you don't need to do.

The toilet bowl works just like a siphon.  When the water
is above a certain point, it's weight pushes itself over
the curve in the pipe (hidden under the bowl) and at goes
down the drain.

So you can empty into the toilet without fear.  You won't
waste the water in the toilet tank or hurt anything. 
Unless you really can't stand the sound of the woosh when
the bowl empties.  Just don't put water in the bowl faster
than it can keep up with.  Everything has it's limits.  ;-)

The worst that will happen is that the bowl will be nearly
empty when you're all done, in which case a pull on the
flush handle will run a true flush cycle and refill it.

Good luck,
Scott H,

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