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Removing unwanted fish from a planted tank

Removing unwanted fish from a planted tank

The easiest way I have found to remove unwanted fish from a
planted tank is to let someone else do it. I let my wife do
it most of the time as she is much more patient then I am.
This is by far the easiest way, but sometimes I help her by
using a second net and driving the fish towards her.

The other way I use to remove unwanted fish may sound kind
of drastic, but I assure that it is both effective and safe.
I have never lost any fish doing this. First I set up my
hose to do a large and rapid water change. Have set this up,
I then turn up the CO2 to the tank. Within minutes the fish
will all be at the surface gasping for air. It is then very
easy to net out the unwanted fish. I then turn off the CO2
and make a large water change. By the time the tank is
refilled everything is back to normal.  This is far more
easily achieved using a 1/2" garden hose.  I don't recommend
trying this with 1/4" tubing or the old bucket method (does
anyone still do that?)

Please don't write me and tell me what a cruel monster I am
until you try it yourself. I have never lost any fish doing
this, and I question that there is any difference in the
amount of stress the fish go through as compared to spending
a long time chasing everyone through the tank with a net.

Alan in Napa