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Re: I think I learned a lesson....

Hi, JoAnn,

I was one of those who criticized those people who didn't pay or didn't 
deliver as they had promised.  And I stand behind what I said.

Bur your most gracious letter shows that you are not one of the "cheaters" 
but instead someone who had other, more pressing things on her mind.  
Obviously, you didn't have to write that letter, and the fact that you did 
says a lot about your character.

ALS is a terrible disease.  It has no cure.  As it progresses it not only 
devastates the victim but also exacts a heavy physical and emotional toll 
from her caregivers.  I know a young father who has had ALS for four years.

Perhaps those who are so moved might say a prayer for your mother-in-law
and you and your husband.  Then some good will have come from this.

And you don't have to crawl under a rock, either.