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Palm seeds (Aquatic Palms)

Moon wrote:
> I grow cypress, water tupelo, white cedar, and mangroves
in aquariums. Is
> there any chance of getting a seed of the Madagascar palm
> or was that just a tease?

It was information on an Aquatic Palm. No tease.

R. musicalis seeds are rarely available, and only for short
periods of time.
A search on the net for "Ravenea musicalis seeds" should
give you supplier names. But some words of caution:

1) A friend of mine owning a Palm nursery in Germany
recently said regarding R. musicalis seeds: "We had them a
couple of times but had really bad luck with them. We do
still have some seedlings available but will not stock the seeds
As I have already wrote the seeds of this palm usually
germinate before the fruit drops so unless their transport to the nursery is very
fast, their chances of survival are very small.
2) The species is endagered. The entire wild population is
found along only a single river. I'm not sure whether commercial seed
collection is beneficial or damaging to the species.

If you want something easier to obtain for your aquariums,
wait until I post Aquatic Palms 6/6. Now, that is a tease!  ;)


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