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Re: Water Change in Tall Apartment Building (fixed)

I made a little typo in that last message that might have made it confusing 
so I'm reposting. Sorry for the goof. 

>I don't know if there is a way to get the dirty water
>down a toilet because you would be flushing constantly.
>I have a 75 and 37 gallon tanks.

I'm not in an apartment but I do frequently dump change water in the toilet
(frozen garden doesn't need it :-). You don't need to flush the toilet at
all, except maybe at the end if you want clean water in it. Toilets are
simple gravity-based devices -- the water level in the bowl is set by the
height of the "back" part of the trap in the base. If you raise the water
level above the back of the trap with your siphon, the excess water simply
spills over the trap into the drain. The net effect is that the water level
in the bowl stays constant, and your change water goes down the drain just
the way you want it to. 


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