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Algae eaters: are they a good idea?

I have otos, amano shrimp, and malaysian trumpet snails in my 72 gallon 
bowfront tank 
(http://groups.msn.com/rsfish/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=90), and 
they are great at eating algae and not much else. But so far I have had no 
luck with SAE or AFF. I bought 5 AFF. 1 killed the other 4. Then it went 
after the other fish in the tank. So I sold it (with disclaimer!). Then I 
bought 5 SAE. They ate the Mayaca, until I put some Rotala wallichi in the 
tank. Now they eat the Rotala instead.

I'd like to get rid of the SAE, but I can't catch them. Here's what I've 

-making a fish trap out of a soda bottle. Fish swim in, but they can't swim 
out. Caught 1 SAE and many other fish.

-waking up in the middle of the night and trying to catch the fish while 
they are sleeping. My SAE sleep like firemen on call - as soon as the net 
goes in, they are fully awake.

-not feeding them for a few days, then putting food (frozen bloodworms, 
their favorite) in the net. Nope, although this is a great way to catch 
killies and rainbowfish.

-draining the tank. I took the tank down to about 2" of water. I don't know 
where the SAE went, but I could not find them. This is a good way to catch 
cardinal tetras, though.

The SAE seem to be able to see the net from across the room. If I do not 
have the net, they will eat from my fingers. If I have the net, they go hide 
in the plants.

Any other suggestions? I'd really like them out of the tank.


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