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RE: PMDD Formula ?

>I'm about to mix up my first batch of homemade PMDD. I'm a little 
>confused...Looking at the recipe, it states, "Pour in additional water to 
>make 300 mL solution". Does this mean I use 300 ml of water in total, or 
>that I keep adding water until I have 300 mL of PMDD. Thanks...

   I'll bet you don't cook much Jorge.  And you have a hard time following 
written directions.  When it states "Pour in additional water to make 300 
mL solution" it's NOT saying to "Add 300 mL of additional water.  If I give 
you written instructions to out 100 mL of water in a jar, add two small 
rocks, then pour in more water till you have 500 mL total does that also 
confuse you?  IMHO if you can't follow the basic written instructions maybe 
you should stick to plastic plants.

Semper Fi