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Re: I think I learned a lesson....

<<Yes and then there is the other side of that
problem. I sent someone plants
with the agreement that I would be reimbursed for the
$12 cost of shipping.
Even after a polite reminder I am still waiting. An
occasional person is
just that way. All my other many trades turned out to
be very satisfactory
and I get some of my best plants that way so don't
give up, the majority of
folks here are good.

I have a sickening feeling this was me. I went back
through my checkbook, looking for an indication that I
had repaid June and didn't find one. [There is no cute
little face to express this feeling.]

June, if you will send me your address again, I'll
send you the money, with interest, immediately (I
know, I know...)  If you can accept PayPal I'll send
you money that way as soon as I get an okay from you.

There is NO excuse for stiffing someone.  I would like
to explain, however, because I think I owe it to you. 
Again, I understand this does not excuse my behavior.

Right about the time you and some other people sent me
some plants, my mother-in-law (who has ALS)
experienced a major deterioration in her condition and
had to have a feeding tube installed on very short
notice.  Since she lives alone 300mi away from us, and
my husband is her only child, we needed to drop
everything and run down to care for her.

Since that time it has been one crisis after another. 
It would take too long to even try to explain what
it's like trying to provide, from 300mi away, the
primary care for a terminally ill victim of a
progressive degenerative disease.

To compound the problem, my husband has been on the
road most of the time with Homeland Defense work since
Sept 11, 2001.

Sadly, many things have fallen through the cracks
during the last six drop-everything-and-run months. 
Unfortunately, June, you were one and that is
inexcusable on my part.  I just forgot.  There's no
excuse.  I screwed up royally and now I'll have to pay
the consequences.  You have my sincerest apologies.  I
wish I could do more to make it up to you.

None of my life's complications are your problem,
June, and you shouldn't have had to suffer for them. 
I do hope you understand, though, that my behavior in
no way reflects the behavior of the vast majority of
the people here.  The people at APD are wonderful,
generous people and even people like me, who stiffed
you, are probably not intentional cheaters, just
careless and thoughtless and probably need only a
sound slap upside the head occasionally to keep us in
line. [feeble grin]

The sickening feeling increases as I realize that if I
stiffed June, I may have stiffed someone else, too. 
Please, if I owe you money email me with an address or
some method by which I can pay you.

The people on this list have been nothing but kind and
generous to me and my rude irresponsibilty is no way
to repay that.  I extend profuse apologies to the
entire list for being such an irresponsible member.

Thanks to whoever started the thread about Cheaters. 
Without it I may not have ever figured out that I was
guilty.  At least now I have an opportunity to make
some amends.

Crawling back under my rock....

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