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Re: LFS in OKC

There are a few, although no great stand outs.
Aquarium Concetps 4850 N. MacArthur - good selection of fresh
   and saltwater fish, great selection of African Cichlids.  Very, very
   few plants, although they are priced well and healthy.
Aquarium Interiors 5619 N. Western - still listed in the phone book
   but it was owned by an elderly man who had a going out of
   business to retire sale earlier this year and is probably closed by
Josettes Pets 7917 N. May - good selection of fresh and saltwater,
   but overpriced, and I don't like the fact that they sell cats and
   puppies, and fish that are inappropriate for home aquariums, or
   things like painted glass fish.  Few plants that are outrageously
   priced and not in very good condition - just thrown into the
   display aquariums to float.
Quality Pets 1501 S. Agnew - always listed in the yellow pages,
   but it is wholesale only.
Pet Vet Supply (Pet Safari) 1215 E. Lockheed Dr. (MWC) - great
   selection of fresh and saltwater - no plants.  Very knowledgable
   about saltwater fish.  Very nice people.
The Pet Place 8318 S. Western - Very nice people, however the
   store has gone downhill terribly over the years.  Can barely see
   into the tanks for the algae.  Very crowded and dirty.  No plants.
Over the summer, the Petsmarts would have nice plants, but not for several
months now.  Let me know if I can tell anything else, I've
been to every aquarium related store in OKC area, and will expand next to
Shawnee, Lawton, etc.