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Re: PO4 and E. stellata

Hey gang,

Detlef wrote:
>>your plants eat 3ppm of PO4 a week? That's a whole
lot. How about the other macros (Mg, Ca, KH, K+)? 
Water hardness might be important. I really would like
to see Tom comment on this since your tank's
consumption exceeds 3x the typical amount. Mine is
around 1ppm. If I dosed 1ppm three times a week E.S.
supposedly wouldn't grow at all.<< 

Hehe....I don't test a whole lot. I don't have good
kits and, quite frankly, I don't really trust my
cheapo kits. I add KNO3 at 7-10ppm 3x a week, PO4 at
1ppm 3x a week, and KCl or K2SO4 at 20ppm 1x a week.
At the end of the week, I do a water change and start
over (around 50%). My KH sits around 7 degrees and GH
around 10 degrees.

My plants may or may not "eat" all of that, but one
things for sure....They *never* run out of anything.  

>>As for the colors: Under bright lighting, lots of
CO2, macros and traces new shoots turn yellowish as
soon as they form leaves.<< 

When my stellata branches the new shoots are *green*.
It's not untill the stem gets to be about a month old
that it shows any color for me, but then it's fine.
Not great, but I'm still waiting to see how all this
Nitrate works out. I didn't ever dose this much
before, and stunting was a much greater problem.

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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