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Re: Word wrap and Subject lines

James Purchase said:

> Just a not so subtle reminder, please make sure that
> "word wrap" is turned
> "on" in your e-mail software. I'm sure that a lot of
> folks do what I do when
> confronted with a post without word wrap - ignore it.

The standard nowadays is for the viewer software to handle
the word-wrap.  This is even defined in some of the
"official" standards.  When you view APD messages on the
APD web site, the APD viewer does not do the wrapping -- I
guess it's sort of old-fashioned in that way.

Some folks never see the *unwrapped messages*, not because
they don't read them, but because the viewer they use does
the wrapping for them, on the fly.   For example, Yahoo's
mail reader wraps on the fly.

So, to be courteous to those using the older style of
software -- and indeed they are many -- please limit your
lines in your APD posts to about 50 or 60 characters per

> While I'm at it, e-mails have "Subject Lines" for a
> reason. It makes
> searching for an archived post a lot easier. "Aquatic
> Plants Digest V5 #xxx"
> just tells me that you are too lazy to worry about the
> list. Why then,
> should the list worry about your question?

Well, lazy people have good questions, too. But that's
beside the point.  Sometimes, we are so anxious to post
some info that we forget to mark the subject line. :-\  

But it's better to mark a subject than not.  Some folks get
upset if you are responding to a post and don't use the
exact same subject line after the "Re:"   I can't see that
it makes much difference when using the Aquatic Plants
search engine -- Having spent many hundreds of hours
searching the archives, new and old and older, I can say
with certainty that that the search engine is pretty much
imponderable and decidely inflexible.

Still, every little bit helps.

> I promise, that's the last time I'll be cranky in 2002!
> ;-)

James,  I take odds on that, there's still 4 days left  ;-)

Scott H.

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