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Re: Eusteralis stunting

"What Iíve done is I switched PO4 dosings (liquid
form) from 1 or 2x a week onto 
a daily basis. To my surprise since that time (Sept.
02) the plant grew beautifully 
without stunting any more. I suppose that either high
pulses of phosphates in 
the water column stress Eusteralis or the plant
doesnít like PO4 going all over 
the place. I concluded phosphates should be kept very

I noticed that when I was lax about dosing po4 and let
it slip low too often, the Eusteralis would stunt a
lot more.  I think that stability idea may be correct.
 I was never able to completely stop it though, so I'm
not certain it's that alone.  Maybe it can still do it
no matter how well you run things.

I've switched over to Gratiola sp.  It looks very
similar and doesn't stunt (but is quite light hungry).
 I suggest it as an alternative.  

Tom:  I've noticed that some plants do indeed seem to
do better in softer water (especially Blyxa sp.
"Vietnam").  I think that for most plants it doesn't
matter.  Can you say why that might be?  


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