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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #493

Hey Gang,

Detlef Huptfeld wrote:
>It's a well known fact that from time to time E.S.
stops growing 
without obvious 
>reason only to put out a couple of new shoots at the
tip a few days 

Then Daniel Larsson offers:
>>Isn't this vegetaive propagation and something to
strive for and a sign of good health? Just cut beneath

the new shoots and you have a new group of 1-5 plants
and they're really easy to plant too =)

Seems weird to me to try to stop this excellent 
propagation behaviour. Please explain.<<

The thing I've noticed with this plant is that the
colors only really develop when it's mature. I wanted
to stop the "stunting then branching" just because I
got tired of green stellata. While it is true that the
branching makes for a very bushy plant, I find that
out of the 4-12 branches, only a fraction turn out to
be strong enough to bother with.

I go out of my way to keep the branching to a minimum,
but replanting a large base with 12 stems sure is


The last time I had my E. stellata stunt was about 2
months ago, and it was when I stopped NO3 for an
experiment. It resumed growing strongly after I
brought my NO3 back up to 5-10ppm. I dose PO4 3x a
week at about 1ppm each time. I use NaPO4 as well.
Perhaps, I'll try small dosings of PO4 daily and see
what result that brings me.

I know this isn't the "long term" experience that you
asked for. I just thought that I would share my

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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