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PO4 and Eusteralis (again)

Hi to you all,
may I throw in my observations concerning PO4 levels and growth behaviour 
of Eusteralis stellata. The species of E.S. I want to talk about can be seen at 
the AGA showcase 2001 site, small category, entry #62. Let me stick to Euste-
ralis stellata as the name of this particular plant despite some debating on the 
APD a couple of months ago about whether the name is correct or not. Iíve 
watched E.S. for two years now and experimented a lot with fertilizer levels. 
Itís a well known fact that from time to time E.S. stops growing without obvious 
reason only to put out a couple of new shoots at the tip a few days later. 

What Iíve done is I switched PO4 dosings (liquid form) from 1 or 2x a week onto 
a daily basis. To my surprise since that time (Sept. 02) the plant grew beautifully 
without stunting any more. I suppose that either high pulses of phosphates in 
the water column stress Eusteralis or the plant doesnít like PO4 going all over 
the place. I concluded phosphates should be kept very stable.

As to grow Eusteralis I suggest adding PO4 daily and to shoot for 0,13 ppm. 
Phosphates should be tested for about 15 - 20 minutes after fertilization right 
before the plants have taken in a noticeable portion, but of course after being 
well distributed in the tank. 8x 0,13 ppm of PO4 add up to 1,04 ppm which is 
about the amount a tank would typically consume in a weeks time as Tom Barr 
has pointed out recently.

I should say that I add PO4 from Na2HP04. I really donít know if the source of 
PO4 makes any difference.

Other tank parameters

K+ 15 - 20 ppm
KNO3 5 ppm
CO2 30 ppm
Ca:Mg ~3 : 1
GH/KH 45 ppm
3,4 watts per gal (3x ADA-NA, 1x Dennerle Trocal 3085)
Fe and traces separately and both daily via ADA products 

Anyone else out there having similar experiences (Steve Dixon, Cavan)? Anyone 
who can grow Eusteralis long-term WITHOUT STUNTING and ALONG WITH fertili- 
zation HIGH PO4 amounts two times a week (2x 0,5 ppm) or only once a week 
(1x 1,0 ppm) ?

I use a very accurate brand of test kit from a german company called Macherey 
& Nagel (serves the U.S. market also: Macherey - Nagel, Easton, PA 18042, 
phone 6105599848) which allows PO4 levels to be determined down to 0,03 ppm.

Well, may be things arenít as simple as stated here. But I got the feeling that 
they are.

Best regards,
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