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Re: bugs in emeresed growth

Thanks everybody who responded to my question.  The
tank has 1-2 inches of water and a ton of Salvinia and
Phyllanthus in it.  I guess if I take that out and
just fill the tank with water it might help me get rid
of them.  I'll try the bleach treatment if that
doesn't work.  I wonder if ladybugs would survive in
there.  That might actually be pretty cool.  

About the wendtii: Might it do better if I potted it
in soil?  It's barely making it now.  

Is a denuded hang on tank heater a good way to heat
the air inside?  The room isn't very warm.  

I have a blehri out growing another tank that has sent
out a bunch of plantlet/flower stalks.  One stalk has
grown out a hole in the top and is sporting an emersed
plantlet.  I'm surprised it hasn't dried out.  I don't
think it's _that_ humid there since the tank is
covered pretty well and there isn't much evaporation. 
Since it hasn't crisped, could it survive as a wet
rooted house plant?  Any way to pollinate it's flowers
(or the corymbosa)?  

Thanks, Cavan         

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