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Cardinal tetras

   I'm usually just a lurker but the debate about Cardinals interested me
as they are one of my favorite fish..I've been unable to locate them
locally for a long time and the LFS all say the same thing.
"They are too delicate""Not worth the expense" "I can get Neons for
a third the price" "High mortality rates"
     I've never really checked into the supply chain but would have assumed 
they were being raised in Asia since they are usually so cheap. I've heard 
this is the main source of Neons.
   I was curious that if I pay .99 cents for them what is the collector 
getting?? I would think the economic impact would be negligible
compared to orchids ,birds,insects and other plants. native to S.A.
Hardly worth the effort. After all ,a Hyacinth macaw is probably worth more 
than all tropical fish exports combined. to the collector. I realize
that it's illegal to collect these birds as well as many other specie.
Perhaps the organizations yo mention are working with other specie??
     Just curious

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