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How important is 02 in a plant tank?

In Aquarium Plants by Kasselmann, she covers the role of oxygen in the
planted aquarium, (pg 56 thru 60). After reading this, I began to wonder if
my plants would prosper better with higher 02 levels.

In her conclusion she states " Through optimal plant growth oxygen values of
up to 130% of saturation can be registered in the aquarium...it is
scientifically indisputable that a high oxygen concentration has a positive
effect on all forms of life in the aquarium"  She goes on to say " A stable
oxygen content must be aimed for with minimum levels of 5 mg/L in the
mornings and 8.6 mg/L in the evenings, which corresponds to about 60 and
100% saturation at 25 degrees C."

She also cited experiments that showed elevated oxygen levels produced more
vital long term growth and the disappearance of BGA.

So how important is this issue? How does one effectively increase oxygen
levels? Are water changes and removing decaying organics in the aquarium

Robert Paul Hudson