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Re: Subject: Re: Breeding cardinal tetras

>We are working on this problem, change the way way >fishers and local buyers are managing the fish.  We just ?>had finished a first expedition with NEAq and NAIB >vets to check the stress conditions from the fishing >grounds to exporters.  

This is the real issue here for me,  I've bought a lot of sick/puny cardinals from pet stores.  

Yesterday I was talking to famous discus breeder about cardinals.  He recently went halves on a 1000 cardinals with a pet store.  When they arrived they were young.  He took his half and fed them live artemia three times per day, in three weeks they doubled in size and he lost only a handful.  The pet store lost 488 and said they would never order any again!  So the moral of the story is the wild fish collectors and the exporters aren't at fault  AND if you want cardinals buy them the day your LFS recieves them and feed them well.

Dave K

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