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Re: plant identification

> From: "James Purchase" <jppurchase at rogers_com>
> Subject: Re: plant identification
> Erica wrote:
> "...I'll go with calling the first one Myriophyllum simulans..."
> They are your plants, so I suppose that you can call them whatever you
> wish,
> but your photos are not clear (sharply focused) enough for ANYONE to ID
> first one down to the species level. Don't fool yourself on that.

Erica responded:
>> I suppose I could.  :)  Thanks for the input, and sorry for my poor
>> photography skills.

Perhaps you misunderstood me. I wasn't putting down your skills as a
photographer, I was merely cautioning you that based on a poorly focused
photograph, none of the "down to the species level" ID's you received could
be realistic. It can be difficult to get sharply focused, properly exposed
shots of aquariums, so its not something you need to apologize for. Unless
the "instant experts" knew the exact retail source (and were able to trace
the plant in your tank back through the supply chain to the grower), any ID
more specific than "its probably some species of Mryiophyllum" is more than
likely just wishful thinking on someone's part.

The new Kasselmann book ought to be on the Christmas wish list of EVERY
hobbyist with an interest in aquatic plants. The author's credentials are
first rate, the photos are good, the ID's are reliable, the book was well
worth the wait. It doesn't have EVERY plant available in the trade, but it
comes pretty close.  If you had that book in hand, you more than likely
WOULD be able to pin down the exact species of Mryiophyllum you have growing
in your tank.

James Purchase