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R:; New Tank

Marty Martinphillip03 at aol_com  wrote

<<I wish to set up a planted tank. Either a 60 gallon or a 90 gallon. I 
read Ecology of the Planted Aquarium. Can you recomend any other planted 
tank books? >>

I have a book section on my Resource Page: 
http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/info.htm For starting books, I like 
the volumes by James and by Scheurmann listed there.

But see the links under Basic Info. There is much excellent information 
right here on the Web. The more reading and planning you do before you 
start, the happier you will be with the results. After you have made some 
basic choices, you can post you specific questions here or on the various 
plant boards.


Jared Weinberger