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Aquarium Ownership Settled

From The Boston Globe, Saturday, 21 Dec. 2002, p. B-4

"A Roxbury man was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for the 1996
killing of another man during a dispute over a fish tank, according to
Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley's office.  Victor B. Sandiford,
33, was found guilty of second-degree murger for fatally shooting Gregory
McFadden during an argument over the ownership of a fish tank, prosecutors
said.  Judge Christine McEvoy also sentenced Sandiford to 12 to 15 years
in state prison for the assault on McFadden's friend, Kenvin West, who was
seriously wounded in the same shooting."

A few questions:

a. Was it a planted tank?
b. Does Mr. Sandiford (the survivor) get to take the tank with him?
c. If not, will the fish have visiting rights?
d. How often and under what supervisory conditions?
e. If yes, will he have to keep only Convicts?
f.  If he needs to catch them can he use jail bait?
f. Will he have water changing privileges?
g. If so, how, where, and how often?

Inquiring minds want to know:

John T. Fitch
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