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Re: Cardinals in the Wild

> "Buy a fish, save a tree."

This is really interesting, I had no idea. I avoid buying
wild-caught fish for environmental reasons. We've
all heard stories about cyanide and explosives used to
harvest reef fish, which is why environmentally-conscious
reefkeepers only purchace aquacultured or tank-raised
(by hobbyists) livestock. It's natural to extrapolate that
reasoning to other aspects of the fishkeeping hobby, which
is why I've always avoided buying wild-caught freshwater

Karen's post indicates that this is not a simple issue. What
is an environmentally-conscious fishkeeper to do? Not all
of us have time to research which wild-caught fish species
are appropriate to buy. Does anyone know of a website that
has this information?

 - sg

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net