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Re: Breeding cardinal tetras

When I first started this aquatic plant addiction, I had a
20g heavily planted tank with about 30+ cardinal ts in a
single species tank. They did breed in my tank because at
least one little fella popped out from behind the plants and
glared at me (I was trimming at the time). I'm guessing
there had to be more offspring, but they got eaten by
mom & dad.

If that happened without any attention to purposefully
breeding them, I'm sure a more diligent aquarist could
get them to breed quite easily. Mimicking their natural
water environment, and conditioning with live foods
would probably be necessary.

(BTW, that baby was not an anomaly; a year or so later, a
serpae tetra offspring appeared in the same tank as well.
Also, an aquaintance with tons of water sprite floating in his
tank has had quite a few Amazonian tetra offspring, I think
they were serpaes.)

Anyhow, the cardinal tetra phase did not last long. Sure,
they're gorgeous fish. But they're also the most boring fish
I've ever encountered. All they do is aimlessly drift back
and forth, back and forth ... so I call them "bubble-heads."
Give me rambunctious killies or inquisitive livebearers anyday!

- sg

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net