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Dennerle products review? (was Re: trimming tools)

John Wheeler said:
> Then click "Plant tweezers" in the menu on the left hand
> side of the screen. Scroll down a little and, !Viola!, your 90
> degree angle scissors.

Wow. Cool! After admiring that gadget, I made a mistake.
I started looking at the rest of the Dennerle catalog. What
a drool!

Has anyone had experience with the triple GH, KH, pH
dip test kit, as well as the Nitrate dip test? What about the
CO2 longterm monitor? It looks so easy, and I hate using
test kits. M3 and Marine Depot supposedly carry some
Dennerle products but I could not access their websites.
I found a company in the UK (www.reefhouse.co.uk) that
carries the dip kits for ~$16 each and the CO2 monitor for
$15. The plant tongs/90d scissors is $36.

- sg

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net