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Re: Lights

>Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 12:57:55 +0100
>From: "Colin Gorton" <mr_apisto at graffiti_net>
>Subject: Lights
>Most shops will sell you the ballast and housing for around the $100
mark. >If you research it you might get that cost down to $80  but
unless you >build it yourself you won't get cheaper. I found a source of
ballasts (the >expensive bit) at 15Euros (same as dollars) but I then
had to build all the >rest of the lamp, that's quite a bit of work to
save maybe 40% on the >original price.

Yikes, I'd love MH lighting that cheap here in OZ. Even with the
exchange rate that price that you've quoted takes MH to around $160AUS
for the ballast/housing combo - cheapest I can find here for each 150W
unit including bulb is $475AUD which is around $275US. Even going the
DIY home handyman job buying the bits and pieces it still ends up being
almost the same price! Wonder why aquarium gear is so expensive here....
RL/Seachem products also have very inflated pricing too.... Bummer...
Such quality gear - so little affordable :)

Trouble is all the 'middle men' in the trading process I guess...
Importers, wholesalers, distributors, more wholesalers and
distributors... Then finally retail, after everyone has whacked on their
10% price hike. Not fair!

Anyway that's my little whine for the moment :) Ignore me I guess :)

Adam Shaw