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Re:Brother and HPS

Concerning my family:
Nope, unlike some folks, I'm the only son, no aquarium keeping till I came

HPS do grow plants well. Pretty yeller.

Halogen, eg the 12volt DC spot lights work well and have better color. It's
yellow compared to the harsh white of a 6700K bulb though.
But if you see it without another FL bulb next to it, it looks quite nice.

Not particularly efficient but nice nonetheless.

Tropic sells a nice little Cube aquarium with a single 50w lamp on it.

I used 3x50w over a 20 gallon for a few years and was very pleased.

For what you are doing I recall was for a larger tank?
Anything much over a 20-25 gallon tank, you'd be better off DIY a MH set up.
It's not that much more.

Tom Barr