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Re: Trimming tools

>I'm about to put some java moss on the bottom of a 100gal tank and from what
>I've been reading about, online, I'll be doing some trimming in no time.
>The tank is acrylic and the access holes on the top don't leave a lot of
>room to move around inside the tank.  My question is what kind of tools do
>some of you pros use to trim plants in awkward places?  Any favorites?

My favorite is a pair of smallish (6" or so overall length) surgical 
scissors with the extra finger brace so you can hold them easily and 
control where they go. They cut cleanly and can be easily controller while 
pruning it awkward places. You can get them from lots of laboratory supply 
houses (wards, carolina biological supply, etc.), as well as from medical 
supply places. Doctor's offices might be possible sources too -- I know 
some doctors will throw out any that don't line up *perfectly*, and their 
"low-grade" is probably still better than necessary for plant pruning.

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