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Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

When I replanted my small 12 gallon tank I added 2 pots of Lilaeopsis 
brasiliensis. I wasnt realy into plants at the time so I didnt know 
anything. I had 15 watt light and didnt add any fertiliser.

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis had an increadable groth speed. It grew half a cm a 
day. There where runners all over the place, but then 2 weeks later the 
groth stopped, no visible groth for a month. So I wanted to test something. 
I only had 1,5 cm gravel so I thought that the plants stopped growing 
because they couldnt develop a decent root system. I restarted the tank, now 
adding 6 cm gravel and replanting my Lilaeopsis brasiliensis. I had some 
increased groth for a few days, but not as spectacular as the last.

I didnt do something after 2 weeks, didnt add new fish, no new fishfood, 

Anyone understand this ?


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