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Re: Breeding cardinal tetras

>Anybody have any luck with breeding cardinal tetras in planted tanks? What's
>the recipee? I know it must involve a male and a female, but what else?

Not sure with cardinals in particular, but for lemon tetras I've had two 
batches both times triggered by extended periods without water changes (1-2 
months). I don't top off the water or change ANY water during that period, 
I just let about 1/2 of a 20 gallon tank evaporate off. I wasn't using 
fertilizer at the time either but the plants didn't seem to care, I would 
assume maybe from increased concentrations  in the tank as the water was 
evaporating off.

After the long "dry season" period, I would do a BIG water change, about 
1/2 to 2/3 of the remaining water in the tank, leaving only maybe 3-5 
gallons in the 20 gallon tank. I then fill the tank to it's usual level 
about 1.5" below the top with fresh water. The tetras would spawn at some 
point after the big water change, not sure when but I'd see small tetras 
within a month or two after the big water change.


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