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RE:Home-made fertiliser tablets

Since readymade fertiliser tablets are not available at my place, I made
mine by mixing following things :-
yellow clay of the size of a small tablet + 3-4 grains of n-p-k garden
fertiliser(no- 20-10-20-
the p part should be as low as possible) + a small pinch of trace element

Then I put these tablets in a baking oven(household electric oven used for
making cake).
for about 15 minutes, so that tablets become hard and take some time to
dissolve in water.
I had tried drying the tablets in sunlight for about 3-4 days, however, that
did not make the tablets hard enough.So I had to go for oven.

I made the shape of the tablets - that of the shaft of a 5cc plastic
syringe, the tip of which has been cut to form a sort of tablet delivery
device into the substrate. I withdraw the piston a little bit and then put
one tablet within the distal end of the syringe, plunge this syringe into
the substrate where the tablet is to be inserted and press the piston and
hey presto! the tablet gets into the substrate without any water column
contamination of the fertiliser.

One can either make individual tablets or first mix everything and then make
tablets according to the mould of the delivery device(which I did).

dr ajit athale
Baroda, India