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Wanted: Dead Snails

No, this isn't a wanted "dead or alive" notice.

I just obtained some shell dwellers and I need shells
large enough for them to live in. The fish in question
are 2 juvenile N. caudopunctatus.   

I'd hate to order some large appel snails just to kill
them, so risk contamination from God only knows what
from "art shop" shells, so I'm asking here.
I figure a few of you probally have a few "relics" of
apple snails past.  Any larger type of snail shell
will I suppose, but if anyone has any that twist to
the left, those would be most authenic looking.

If there are anyone who can help me out, please
contact me off list and we can discuss shipping.


This is my mailing list address.
Please send any offlist responses to
midgatutor at yahoo_com

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