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Re: Filter advice needed

I have both an Eheim 2026 and also a Rena Filstar XP3.

Both are performing very well, but the Eheim is much quieter (which is good since it is used on a 40 gal plant tank in a seven year olds room.)  The Filstar is much less expensive, but I still believe the Eheim to be very good value.

When buying the filter, you must remember that its life is much longedr than the time that you feel the cost.  Easy to maintain filters go far towards maintain water quality.

I have a large collection of Fluvals -- both 03 and 04.  I will never buy another one.  The new 04's especially are a pain to prime and then to keep running well.   I also don't quite understand what they were thinking (smoking??) when designing the convoluted inside water flow....and then there are the tubes....

Dave Johnson


Sharon wrote:

>I'm in the process of returning to service a 110 gallon aquarium and
>need to order a new canister filter. In the past, I used a Magnum 350
>and was not pleased with it. I found it difficult to prime and it was
>noisy. I've also used Fluval x03 series.
>I've decided to give Eheim a try. I've been eyeing the professional II
>series and was wondering if anyone had any comments. The tank is now
>located behind the couches in the TV room, so I need a quiet filter. I'm
>also thinking that I should go with two filters this time around. That
>will get pricey with the professional series, so I've also been
>considering the 2215. Is this model difficult to prime--or to clean, for
>that matter?
>I would appreciate any feedback from Eheim use

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