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I setup a ph controlled CO2 system for $125

If anyone is interested here is how to setup a closed loop PH controlled CO2 setup for cheap:

used CO2 tank 5lbs       $40  (weld supply shop)
used regulator               $10  (weld supply shop)
Asco Redtop selenoid    $15 (new ebay)
needle valve                   $10 (Tower hobbies)
Chemtrix PH Controller   $10 (ebay used)
Ph electrode                  $35 

The Chemtrix unit was the best deal I found,  these are the  tried and true analog controllers standard in the chemical industry,  couldn't believe they were selling on ebay for so cheap.  It can do PH, ORP, low and high alarms with the solid state electronics it will last me forever.  Anyway the system works great and I hope I can help someone else save too.  One word of advice don't buy PH electrodes from ebay even if they say new in box.

Dave Kysar

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