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Re: seachem's equilibrium

David Youngker wrote,

"Check the labels on even their Flourish line - there's none that I've
noticed which gives you a *recommended* dosage. They all tell you what the 
end result of using "X" amount will be so that *you* can make a more
informed decision as to how much to add."

I thought this was odd, so I went and looked at my Flourish bottles and the 
Seachem website.  Flourish, Flourish Excel, and Flourish Trace all give a 
recommended dosage without any info on the end result (except, of course, 
for better plant growth). The new Phosphate and Nitrogen products give both 
a recommended 'beginners' dose and the end result David mentioned above. 
Flourish Iron and Flourish Potassium give a recommended dosage, with 
information about the end result.

I am nitpicking here, but sometimes I think we go to great lengths to make 
this whole planted aquaria thing sound more complex and scary than it has to 
be. Flourish products give plenty of dosage info, so that a beginner does 
not have to know what the recommended mg/l concentration of a particular 
nutrient is.


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