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Myth or Truth: Can feeding CO2 into canister intake damage the unit?

Hi all,

Some website articles said this may not be a good
idea, as the carbonic acid formed by the dissolved CO2
may damage the motor, melt plastic components, or
create microsopic dents on the impeller, etc etc.

1) Does anyone actually have 1st hand experience that
can confirm this, or is this one of those myths
created by the paranoid few?

I originally have the bubbles fed into my canister,
but now have it hooked to a Plant Gro Bubble
Counter/Diffuser (yes the gadget just arrived at my
LFS & I couldn't resist the joy of seeing bubbles go
around that thingy).  I was going to buy a cheap power
head or filter but I don't really want more current
flow in my tank.

I notice by the time the bubbles get to the top, they
are on average down to about 1/2 their original size. 
Unlike the marketing material which says they should
be almost completely gone...ha whatcha expect. :P

2) My newbie/idiot question: How is efficiency related
to the bubble size (it's volume)?  I read something
about various gas exchanges that would happen in the
water, so say if the bubble size dropped to 1/2,
roughly how much CO2 would be dissolved?  (eg still
1/2, just a bit more than 1/2, maybe up to 3/4, or
almost completely, etc)

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