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Re: seachem's equilibrium

Dr. Morin said

We've seen recommendations for potassium ranging from 10 mg/L up to
120 mg/L so we tried to peg ours somewhere in the middle. Since I've
not come across anything showing that any particular level in this
range is detrimental I've come to the conclusion that while potassium
is critical, the precise amount is not so critical just as long as
there is a sufficient "pool" available to draw on by the plants

This was the answer I was looking for because I use this to reconstitute my
R.O. water To a Gh of 4. I was worried about the K level being that high. I
never had any problems with high K, I was just curious why the mix was
formulated that way.

Dave wrote:

Equilibrium wasn't designed _strictly_ for planted tanks, Jeff - they have a
whole range of supplements for that. Don't mix apples and oranges.
But that's the key, Jeff - look for that "Flourish"
somewhere on the bottle if you want something made *specifically* with
planted aquaria in mind.

I might have come across the wrong way, I wasn't at all putting down
equilibrium. See above for the reason behind my questioning.

Jeff Vamos
jbvamos at rcn_com