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Re: seachem's equilibrium

>Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 20:05:57 -0500
>From: "Jeff vamos" <jbvamos at rcn_com>
>Subject: seachem's equilibrium
>I was reading the label on the bottle of equilibrium and it says that if you
>use the recommended dosage, then it will raise the potassium level by
>65mg/l. If I remember correctly, mg/l is the same as ppm. Is this the level
>seachem recommends for K?  I thought K should be between 20-30ppm. Is there
>anyone that is using equilibrium at the recommended dose? Maybe Dr.Morin can
>elaborate on this.

We've seen recommendations for potassium ranging from 10 mg/L up to 
120 mg/L so we tried to peg ours somewhere in the middle. Since I've 
not come across anything showing that any particular level in this 
range is detrimental I've come to the conclusion that while potassium 
is critical, the precise amount is not so critical just as long as 
there is a sufficient "pool" available to draw on by the plants. 
Probably getting much above 120-150 would be detrimental for 
salinity/osmotic reasons with freshwater plants. If you're using 
Equilibrium on a regular basis with water changes then you really 
shouldn't need to use Flourish Potassium. Flourish Potassium is 
ideally suited in to those situations where the water already has a 
sufficient GH (calcium/magnesium content) but very low potassium. 
But, it can of coursed be use in any situation where increasing 
potassium is desirable.

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