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AGA now accepts online (PayPal) payments

Hi folks,

Thanks to a big handful of testers yesterday, we're now LIVE with a simple 
PayPal shopping cart system on the AGA website.  This is something 
everyone's been bugging us for for literally YEARS.  You can now renew 
your membership, buy back issues, books and videotapes completely online 
with credit cards, debit cards, or whatever payments PayPal seems to 
accept these days.

If you've been putting off sending that renewal check, why not hop over to 
www.aquatic-gardeners.org right now?

As long as I'm wasting the bandwidth, I'd also like to announce two new
additions to the AGA "Family":  Cheryl Rogers, who has been doing the
layout for TAG for the last few years, is now also our membership chair.  
Improvements in member response are already starting to phase in.  Kathy
Olson is now advertising manager for the AGA.  This is a very important
job, as advertising is the only way we will be able to continue publishing
in all color as you have seen for the last three issues.  (Didn't
know that TAG is publishing in all color?!  Renew that membership

Just so it doesn't sound 100% like an ad, I also wanted to note that
there's a sneak preview of the cover of the new issue in the "TAG" section
of the website, and a gallery of convention pictures on the "Convention"
section for those who've been waiting.

  - Erik
    AGA Webmaster/President

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com