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Re: Filter advice thank you

Sharon Stewart said, in part:

> Thanks to all who offered advice on the Eheim filters. I
> think I will
> get one of the professional II series because, being a
> gadget freak, I
> have to try at least one Eheim!

Well, if you're going to get just one Eheim, I think that's
the one to get.

> My main gripe with my old Magnum canister was that I
> could never get the
> thing to "burp." 

One thing about keeping gas from accumulating in canisters,
be sure the return line is uphill all the way form the
filter to the tank lip.  If there are downhill portions,
this can tend to inhibit the pump's ability to push the
bubbles out of the line, restrict flow, and thereby allow
more gas to accumulate.

Also note that Eheims, like many other canisters, have the
pump at the top of the filter, after the media.  When the
media loads up and starts restricting water flow, they tend
to ever so slightly suck air at the head-unit gasket.

> I was thinking that if I use two
> filters, I
> could go with the smaller Eheim prof (2026) and try a
> different filter
> on the other side. 

The 2026 and 2028 have exactly the same motor/pump -- the
only difference is that the 2028 has a taller stack of
media.  If you buy the 2028 instead of the 2026, do it for
the larger volume of media, I can't see any other reason
for choosing the 2028 over the 2026.

> The Filstar sounds interesting.

You might try one Filstar instead of the Eheim.  It will
give you a much higher water flow.  If you later decide
that it's not enough (media), then get one of the Eheims. 
I doubt that you'll come to that conclusion on a planted

But I'd definitely start with just one filter because they
are expensive and one might be all you need.

Myself, I have more Eheims than I know what to do with. :-\

Scott H.

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