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Re: O2 round two

Daniel Larsson asked, in part:
> New question:
> I have a Fluval 404 with good throughput in my 310 litres
> tank, which
> I thought would be more than enough to aerate my tank.
> But I have
> a slim-tight light-hood packed with fluorescents that
> covers the whole
> aquarium - could this be the reason why  the oxygen
> levels drops so
> much when the lights go off?

Even with glass covers, an aquarium, at least one that is
heavily planted, should have O2 levels adequate for fish. 
Of course if they are virtually airtight over a lightly
planted or plantless tank, that's another thing.  The back
strip on Perfecto glass tops actually leave a small space
between the strip and the tank lip -- All-Glass, otoh, do
not.  A film layer on the water surface might also restrict
O2 exchange between water and air - but I'd check the test
itself first (or next).

But anyway, a moderate exposure to room air should be
sufficient in most normal cases with good circulation.

Scott H.

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