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Re: filter advice

"Thanks to all who offered advice on the Eheim
filters. I think I will
get one of the professional II series because, being a
gadget freak, I have to try at least one Eheim!"

I have a 2222 Professional on my 30.  Besides the lack
of a priming feature, I like it a lot (I use an ear
cleaning bulb to start it - no mouth contact).  It's
very quiet except for the _occasional_ co2 burp. 
Voiding air is not a problem.  Just make sure the
hoses aren't kinked while it's running and you should
be fine.    

"My main gripe with my old Magnum canister was that I
could never get the
thing to "burp." I spent way too much time trying to
get all the air out
of that thing."

Just like the old Fluval 203 I used to have....

"My tank interior is 59" long. In the past, I found
that having the
Magnum on one side of the tank didn't provide enough
filtration. I had a
powerhead with a filter attached on the other end of
the tank, but that
just wasn't good enough. I was thinking that if I use
two filters, I
could go with the smaller Eheim prof (2026) and try a
different filter
on the other side. The Filstar sounds interesting."

Do you mean water movement, dirt removal, or both?  I
have the intake of my filter at the bottom left of the
tank and the spray bar under the surface on the right
side of the tank pointing left.  That works very well
in terms of flow and even temperature distribution.  I
could see how those two things could be an issue if
you had the spray bar facing forward and the whole
unit confined to one part of the tank.  I like how the
2222 removes so much detritus.  The two Duetto 50gph
internal filters I had were woefully inadequate. 
There was a ton of dirt building up and I had to clean
those things out every couple days.  The less
frequently you have to clean, the better.   The 2028
might be better in that respect.  


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