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Filter advice thank you

Thanks to all who offered advice on the Eheim filters. I think I will
get one of the professional II series because, being a gadget freak, I
have to try at least one Eheim!

My main gripe with my old Magnum canister was that I could never get the
thing to "burp." I spent way too much time trying to get all the air out
of that thing.

My tank interior is 59" long. In the past, I found that having the
Magnum on one side of the tank didn't provide enough filtration. I had a
powerhead with a filter attached on the other end of the tank, but that
just wasn't good enough. I was thinking that if I use two filters, I
could go with the smaller Eheim prof (2026) and try a different filter
on the other side. The Filstar sounds interesting.

Does this sound logical, or am I better off just getting one of the
Eheim 2028 filters instead?