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96 Watt JBJ Bulbs, Misc for Sale

Sorry for the off topic post. I'll be brief...

I have two 96 watt JBJ bulbs (6500k) that I'd like to sell. One is 
brand new, the other was used for about a month before my fixture 
went belly up. $40 includes shipping within the U.S.

I also have the reflector from a 36" JBJ that might be useful in a 
DIY project. Make offer.

Other misc parts for the 96 watt too. I wasn't happy so I ripped her 
guts out and danced on her grave...lol

Speaking of crap, I have a good 4x65 watt JBJ that I'll take offers 
on. The plastic end caps on that one are cracked to smithereens due 
to some nutty engineer somewhere who didn't account for expansion, 
but I'll send the buyer the ones from the 96 watt fixture mentioned 
above. They should fit if you know how to install and wire them. This 
fixture needs bulbs. Other than that, this fixture is ok. Not 
expecting too much out of this since they don't sell to high new. 
Maybe $75?

JoAnn - This girl knows how to motivate a buyer! Now hurry up and buy my crap!