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Re: O2 levels

Hi Daniel :

>My 2'nd question: With a
>wet/dry I guess the O2-level
>is nice and high all the time?
>Have you made any tests to
>confirm this?

I cannot speak from personal experience, but one of the authors of the 
"Optimum Aquarium" (Dupla) provided a graph in one of his subsequent books 
that showed the O2 level in one tank with and without a trickle filter.
If I remember correctly, the spikes in the graph were of similar magnitude 
you describe without the wet/dry. With the wet/dry connected, the maximum 
was the same, but the minimum was much higher. The over all curve went from 
"spiky" to "smooth" as well.
If someone wants me to dig out all the gory details, let me know and I'll 
get back to you.

Michael Eckardt
in frosty Southern Ontario. February came early....