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Fuzz algae control

Here's a follow up of a fuzz algae problem I experienced. The fuzz algae
started growing almost three months ago. I tried trimming, lots of water
changes, nutrient testing and controlling. The fuzz algae kept me running.
Since I wanted to re-landscape my tank, I decided to try the tear down and
bleach method. I yanked all the plants. The ones that were healthy enough
got the bleach water dip and quarantine. The tank was left with fish and
rocks. I used simazene (I thinks that's the right spelling) that I had a
bottle of. Over the next couple weeks I watched all the algae die off that
was on the substrate. I replanted. Fuzz algae came back, although slower
this time.

Well, I wasn't going to tear things down again. I was getting quite
discouraged. I could see the holiday get-togethers looming on the horizon
with relatives commenting on my tank: "Why does your fish tank look slimy?"
"Why don't you run those plastic plants through the dishwasher?" etc etc

I did 50-60% water changes once a week. Kept only healthy plants well spaced
apart and didn't dose too much nutrients knowing that the plants needed to
get established first. I kept the DIY co2 charged and frequently tested.
Watched plant growth close. Kept water circulating, trimmed over infested
leaves and rocks, didn't let plants get too dense. Put in some fast growing
elodea. You know what? I'm winning the battle! The tank is looking good and
might even look great for the Christmas get-together we're hosting. Hope
this helps encourage others who are on the verge of dropping out of this
hobby or who want to give up.