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Re: Onyx sand

> "Roxanne Bittman" <rbittman at dfg_ca.gov> wrote:
> Subject: Onyx sand
> I have had 2 tanks running with Onyx sand about 2 years.  The GH and KH
> have been steady, but at a high level even with R/O water, which has no
> salts in it.  GH is at about 10-12 and KH is about 6.  These levels seem
> fine to me.  I inject compressed CO2 to bring the pH to about 7.0 or
> just below and the animals and plants seem fine.

All this talk about CaribSea laterite and Onyx Sand made me speak up. I know there's a lot of new members on the list and the substrate questions still comes up from time to time. I've still got my PAM Substrate article on-line. In
it, I tested nearly 25 name brand substrate materials and some homebrews. All physical and chemical tests are included. If you're new and are curious about substrate composition and want to see some real numbers, check out the link


Jamie <"///><