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Re: More on Aquatic Plant Soils

Sean had quoted part of the description for Profile Aquatic Plant Soil in his 
previous post: 

<< Aquatic Plant Soil is made from a unique mineral known as Fuller's
 Earth.".  I did a search through the archives and it looks like this is
 pretty decent stuff.  I'll try it out this spring and let you know what
 happens. >>

This sounds very similar to the description on the side of my 40lb bag of Oil 
Absorbent, a product that is packaged and distributed by the Moltan Co. and 
which I had posted my experience with a few days ago on this list. The 
Fuller's earth in Oil Absorbent must be fired or baked because unlike the 
typical Fuller's earth products I have tried in the past -- like various 
kitty liters and Oil Dry, it does not become "mushy" or break down and cloud 
the water over time. 

I don't know what Profile looks like but I'm going to make a serious attempt 
to find out. Watch these two be the exact same material at different prices.

BTW, the Profile Aquatic Plant Soil is quoted at $7.99 for 11 lb. (plus 
shipping) on the site Sean found. 

OTOH, Oil Absorbent was $5.99 for 40lbs at my local Rose's Auto Store and it 
grew plants just fine.

Now, I have nothing against Profile, Turface or Fluorite. In fact, my 
personal favorite is regular Fluorite because of its more attractive 
appearance and heavier weight (which holds the plants down better initially). 
The only problem I have is with the price of Fluorite. If one has a lot of 
tanks, that can become an issue at some point.

One can pot plants in Fluorite and then bury them in a cheaper substrate or 
cap a layer of the less expensive Turface, Profile or whatever with the 
heavier, prettier Fluorite. Besides, if a good foreground type ground cover 
is established its hard to even see the substrate anyway.

It's nice to have options and alternatives.

Bob Olesen in a cool, rainy south Florida