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Adam Wrote:

>Hi list, it seems as if using activated carbon is controversial in the
>realms of planted aquaria, so I'm considering ditching it in my 55gal. DIY
>CO2, medium plant-load, light fish-load tank. My question is, can I just
>leave the current batch in my cansiter and use it merely as a home for
>biological filtration. In other words, does the carbon really ever expire
>fully to the point that it won't be filtering any of the beneficial trace
>elements from my water? The carbon I have in there is about 1.5 months old.
>If not, what do you recomend I put in the canister filter to take its
>I have the 'Magnum 350' with the blue filter material wrapped around the
>container that holds the carbon. Should I just wad up more of that blue
>filter material and put it in the carbon cantainer?

I would consider the biggest issue here to be water flow rate. Leaving the
carbon will be fine if it does not slow down the pump. The benefits provided
by the increased de-nitrifying bacteria in the old carbon will be negated if
your flow rate drops too low.