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O2 levels

After carefully reading the section 
about oxygen importance in Christel 
Kesselman's "Aquarium Plants" the
Tom Barr home-made wet/dry-filter
seems like a nice DIY-project for
the upcoming weekend(s).

I have readings of 2 mg/L O2 in the
mornings and 6 mg/L O2 in the
evening. Kesselman recommends a
value of 5 mg/L - even at night.

My 1'st question: Have any of you
experimented with the O2-level
and noticed better growth with
constantly (day and night) high 
levels of O2 (5 mg/L or higher)?

My 2'nd question: With a 
wet/dry I guess the O2-level
is nice and high all the time?
Have you made any tests to 
confirm this?

// Daniel.