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Re: Cheapshot

As it happens I have two profoundly deaf sisters.  The only real fight I
ever got in my life was over someone taunting her. I follwed one closely
through the crazy years of middle and high school and saw a lot of
insensitivity first hand.

The is purely intended to point up the absurd nature of the comment "a few
hundred thousand future blind reef keepers" which is insane.  Entirely apart
from this it's an incredibly poetic image. I was mocking the original
commenter, not the blind.  There is also something about the act of reef
keeping being such a visual pursuit that made it incredibly bizarre and
ironic. In 12 credit hours of poetry classes I never came up with anything
half as good.

The APD is real serious sometime, OK, make that all the time.  I believe the
original comment makes fun of reef keepers.  It purports that they are
ignorant enough to stare at a UV light to the point of blindness. Hey that
gives me a great idea.  We could start a new list where all we do is make
fun of other types of aquarists ...just think of all the possibilities...

If I offended anyone in the original post I apologize.  If I just offended
anyone now, I apologize too.


SS wrote:

ey this line is hilarious! Making fun of blind people. That gives me a lot
of great ideas ... we could start a new list where all we do is make fun of
people who are in unfortunate circumstances...just think of all the
possibilities... Come on, the people on this list can't possibly support
kind of humor can it?
Time to get on my soapbox.
I can already hear the responses, "lighten up, its just a joke." I can see
the exaggeration in the scenario but as this list grows I am sure that there
are people who are facing blindness that may get offended and or hurt. Is a
joke worth making a person who is in a tough situation feel worse? Please
remember that a lot of people subscribe to this list to take their minds of
their problems and relax.
Take it or leave it, its just my opinion.